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Wednesday, June 17, 2009
I love this clean, open look and feeling! I think I would add family/friends pictures instead but I have a huge empty wall in my living room and I have been searching for inspiration and found it!

This awesome blog posted sneak peaks of Michelle Smith's (Check out some of her designs- I love how she has incorporated bird motifs- my wedding theme) home and it's great cause they even list where some of the items were purchased. More pics below

LOVE! While there check out their under $100 small storage list.

Top 10 Annoying things couples do

Tuesday, June 16, 2009
1. Saying “we” when I invite YOU somewhere.
2. Forcing each other to go to separate friend’s parties.
3. Incapable of having any other interests except home improvement
4. Only going out with other couples.
5. Doing public things that require alcohol, without alcohol.
6. Pretend like their dog is actually their child. ( I see nothing wrong with that!)
7. Completely ignore their children.
8. Insist that they go to each other’s movies.
9. Poorly set people up.
10. Message each other goopy things on Facebook.

These were funny! You can find the articles here and here.
My additions:

11. I hate when couples call each baby every single minute
12. Too much PDA, like rubbing each others ass while im behind you in line at the grocery store.
13. Kissing on the train - I don't mean a peck either, i'm talking tongue during rush hour - come on people.

I'm sure I must annoy people too thougth because hubby spoils me, I always get flowers, fruits and ballons delivered at work and I get lots of presents - he buys me things randomly and I am show off. ehh sue me! :)

Monday Morning Randoms...

Monday, June 15, 2009
New favorite show on TLC: The Little Couple - It's funny to see the things he gets annoyed at cause my husband is the same!

Is everyone having sextuplets?

I need HBO – What is this True Blood everyone is talking about?

Husband’s 30th is coming up - Can’t Wait!

Just got a MacBook Pro a couple weeks ago & I am in LOVE! I am discovering new applications and am just oooing and ahhhing.

And I am happy to see Benjamin Bratt back on TV on the cleaner – the show is ok but he is hot!

I was surprised I cared about:

Kendra from Girls Next Door being pregnant. I am a Eagles fan but never heard of her Fiance - oops!

Duggars: Josh & Anna are expecting too!


Making a cleaning schedule because my life is chaos and so is my apartment

And Etsy for home d├ęcor - uh YES! I’ll be posting my cute home finds soon.

Motivation for Decoration

Monday, June 1, 2009
I've been following several other newlywed blogs and have been very motivated to organize and really decorate out apartment. On Friday night, my husband and I went to Toys'R Us for the release of some new Transformer Toys (Yes, Hubby is a Nerd! But a cute one!) , anyway as were waiting for the release, I went into World Market for the first time! I was so mad that this pay period was for rent because I really could have done some damage. I didn't come out empty handed though, I got some cute reversable pillows for the couch:

I'll be going back next payday for some storage items to put under my messy coffee table for magazines and photo albums:

I'm excited! Also excited to be planning Hubby's 30th Birthday Celebration - I'll post details later.

Weekend Recap & What the hell is a Budget?

Monday, May 18, 2009
This has been a stressful week! My father was hospitalized last week with some rare bug and had to get surgery but I am happy because he is recovering quickly and was released today! 

Hubby went out of town for a week and comes back on Wednesday for a nice long memorial day weekend which is also our 1 year anniversary! YAY :)

We most likely are not going anywhere since 1. the H1N1 is still out there! 2. I'm planning Hubby's 30th birthday celebration and 3. I'm trying to go see Hillsong in concert on 6/1 which means I need to budget! 

The word Budget is foreign to me, I will admit I am not good at money management but it's something I'm trying to change because we have plans and because hubby and I have been thinking about merging bank accounts. EEK!

Since I'm clueless when it comes to Money, my dear friend, themommychase, recommended I check out mint.com and let me just say AMAZING! You enter in your info and it does all the work for you! Mint tells you when you are over budget, categorizes your spending and recommends areas where you can save. Some of the areas I seem to be overspending is:
  • Grocery
  • Metro - Which I can't do anything about
  • Rent - again, i can't do anything about
  • Electricity
What sucks is that now that we want to really get serious about budgeting we also want a puppy, a new car and husband wants the palm pre. Sigh!

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