Spring Cleaning: Bedroom

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Spring Cleaning has started in our house today as we make room for baby who is due May 1st!!

We started with our bedroom and den and here's is what I tackled today.

1. Washed all comforters & sheets.

2. I purchased a new comforter set to welcome spring :) and bought a few Febreze Closet Renewables under bed storage containers to store comforters and sheets we're not using.

3. Went to the container store and bought several sizes of their multi-boxes plastic storage boxes, they are reasonably priced and I used them to store our winter clothes and set a aside a couple to store maternity clothes when I am done with them.

4. I also got rid of a lot clothes, shoes and accessories that I plan to donate.

5. Then I dusted, wiped and vacuumed.

There are several useful checklists online, my favorite I came across is from Martha Stewart.

I have to give credit to my hubby, who did the majority of the work since he wanted me rested :) - I can really get used to this! :)

Next, we'll tackle Living Room, Kitchen and Bathroom.

Nursery Inspiration

Monday, March 8, 2010
The Crib is here!!!! We'll start putting it together next week but in the meantime, I am thinking of how do I want to decorate!

Hubby loves starwars and would love a star wars theme. PB kids (My favorite store right now) has an awesome star wars collection but it's for toddlers and up not babies and it's quite pricey. I came across this DIY nursery:
This couple also had a Star Wars themed baby shower, you can see more here.
Though I love Star Wars too I could go in another direction. I am not really interested in a certain theme! Though I love trains for a sweet baby boy, like this one from PB Kids:

I am also an animal lover so a cute jungle theme might be nice. But I am really looking for something modern that he can grow with. Here a couple random images I plan to use for inspiration.

I really love their use of Shelving:
More details here.

Ikea is a great place for modern looking pieces at affordable prices:
If we go this route we (meaning hubby) will def. have to paint to match the espresso crib. I really love thier matching wall shelf also.

Here are some great designs for small places:

Very Cute design by Madelyn Ridgeway - I love the wall decals! CLICK HERE
Since we're renters, we will def. be looking at the wall decals route.



I really like the simplicy of this look:


I'd also love to see what you've done with your nurseries!

Getting Ready For Baby

Wednesday, March 3, 2010
Haven't posted in a while since prepping for baby and working has really consumed my life. :)

I am now 31 weeks pregnant and can feel the baby moving and kicking like crazy. It's so funny how I feel like he actually responds to me at times. Anytime I whistle, I feel a couple kicks :) - I love it!

We now have a name! But we will wait until we actually see him before revealing just in case we change our minds.

Now we are just consumed with preparing his nursery. We just got the crib which I am soooo excited about. After debating between PBkids & RhBaby, we ended up going with the Catalina 3-in-1 Crib from Pottery Barn Kids:

I was sold on the fact that it not only converts from a crib to a toddler bed but also can be used as a full size headboard as the child grows. They also offer free assembly with shipping but hubby decided he wants to put this crib together so we will be picking it up from our local store in about 2 weeks! WOO HOO!

So now it's time to look for the dresser, glider, bedding and accesories. I'll be posting my progess so stay tuned.

23 Weeks

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Which of course we suspected all along, already had his name picked out and everything. I feel like things have been going by so quickly now and I feel Baby A move and kick more and more everyday.

Here's a pic of Baby A at 20 weeks, sucking his thumbs. :)


Monday, December 21, 2009
We got a plastic tree last year and this year it seemed to have lost its luster a bit :( - it doesn't seem as full as last year.
So I was looking for ideas to make my sad tree look better, and I remembered how my sister put bows on her tree one year. So I went to Target and got a couple materials, you don't need much at all.

and simply tied a bow!

and Voila!

Soooo Easy!

Wrapping Christmas Gifts

Sunday, December 20, 2009
So I am 5 months pregnant and it has been difficult to wrap gifts with a baby belly in the way. We also got a couple odd shaped gifts that I was having trouble wrapping and almost gave up, I was ready to go to Target to get gift bags and tissue but I was caught in a blizzard and we got 19 inches of snow. So I turned to Google and found these videos I thought I would share with my blogger peeps.

Enjoy! :)

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