July Giveaways in celebration of my Birthday!

Thursday, June 30, 2011
I turn the big 3-0 in July and in celebration of that, my blog will be hosting a couple giveaways. Make sure you are following and stay tuned, first giveaway coming up after the 4th!


I Pin! Do You?!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011
I (like everyone else & their mama) am addicted to Pinterest! I am new to it but I just love it! One place to store all the things that I come across that inpire me! No more having to take up space in my hard drive! No morre making that favorite list longer! I heart U Pinterest. Come see the cool stuff I've come across lately. Also, I'd love to follow you so send me your profile.
If you are new to pinterest and need an invite, comment in the box below - I have several left.

see you there!

it starts early

Have I mentioned my husband has a shoe obsession, yeah I came home and he putting his shoes next to aaron's. Aaron already has a nice little collection that will hopefully be passed on to baby #2. :)

My mornings

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Cute gap outfit, that is still too big on my skinny guy.

and my weekend was perfect. I had a couple hours to myself on Sunday and I kept it simple. I went to Trader Joes for pretty flowers and soap! :)

Am I ready for baby #2?

Friday, June 24, 2011
When I see things like this? I think YES I AM!!!! I can't wait until we have a baby girl. There are so many cute things out there for little girls, unfortunately that isn't the case for boys grrr.

In all honesty, we're not quite ready for baby #2 yet but I can at least start my must have list for when Leah comes (yes, I already know my future baby girl's name, hehe)

Shoes by Joyfolie.
Image source.

MY best shot

Thursday, June 23, 2011
I bought a canon rebel last summer because I wanted to take great photos of my child growing up, I am lucky that my friend Mary Kate, has been teaching me a lot and it is a really fun hobby to have.

I love Paper Mama's site, great inspiration to get you going if you are new to the photography world. Since I have been noticing that I am getting better & better, I thought I would enter one of her competitions, I thought eh why not?!

Here is my best shot of Aaron at his first birthday party! I love this shot, Aaron was trying to take his mask off & I took about 20 pictures of him in a 2-3 minute span trying to get just one good shot of his mask. I also unknowingly followed the rule of thirds. Great shot, huh?

Hope we win!

The Paper Mama

A Day in the Life of a Full Time Working Mama Pt. II

Wednesday, June 22, 2011
So yesterday I posted about what our weekday's look like, but I lied! I wish it went that smooth!!
My morning today went like this:

6:45: I wake up
6:50: Aaron wakes up
7:00: I leave Aaron on his chair while I go take a quick shower
7:05: Aaron sees the bathroom door open and gets excited, he comes in & starts dumping all his toys in the bath tub while I'm in the shower!
7:15: I don't have time to get his toys out of the shower, so I just go get ready.
7:55: Managed to get myself AAANND Aaron dressed! I get his diaper bag ready!
8:00: I try to leave the House but Thomas comes on and Aaron screams that I dared take Thomas away.
8:05: Turn the TV off and head out the door, get stuck in traffic. lovely. Drop Aaron of @ my mom's.
8:40: Arrive at metro station:
9:30: arrive to work, 30 minutes late. bahumbug!

I don't even remember if I turned out all the lights in my apartment when I left this morning! lol

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