Bedroom Makeovers on a Budget

Monday, July 13, 2009
Though not my style I do love their curtian rod headboard idea and the lamps, though the lamps is a messy project. Enjoy!

Cleaning Tip: Make a Cleaning Schedule

I love google! In my quest to organize my life, I came across the following Cleaning Schedule that I am implementing in my daily routines and I thought I'd share :) - Enjoy!
This is taken straight from Maxwell's Eight-Step Home Cure:

Daily Schedule:Make Bed.
Wash dishes.
Put clothes away.
Sort mail.
Clear answering machine.
Clean all kitchen surfaces
Take out full garbage.

Weekly Schedule:
Clear all surfaces (put odds and ends away).
Wash clothing, take in dry cleaning.
Take out recycling.
Change sheets.
Water plants.
Clean bathroom and kitchen.
Quick-vacuum all floors.

Monthly Schedule:Vacuum, sweep, or mop all floors.
Flip mattresses.
Clear out refrigerator.

Every Three Months:
Wash windows.
Declutter refrigerator, front door, bulletin board, etc. Every Six Months:

*Spring cleaning (April or May)
*Fall Cleaning (October) * Perform deep treatment on your home: clean and declutter, change seasonal clothing, clean out drawers, closets, under-sink storage, purge clothing, extra CDs, DVDs, books, and furniture.


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