Stretching my Photography Skills (or lack of)

Monday, January 31, 2011
I am so excited! Ever since getting my Canon Rebel in the fall, I have been obsessed with learning how to really use it & take great pics of my family. I still plan to use professional photography for special occasions but at times budget just doesn't permit that.

Anywho, I came across Willette Photography & More when looking for tutorials & tips and saw that she is hosting a workshop called the joy of LOVE. The purpose is to take pics of the ones you love while learning more about photography. I will get daily assignments and will be sharing my progress. Can't Wait!!! It starts tomorrow!!!

8 months

Wednesday, January 26, 2011
He'll be 9 months next week, but 8 months for my lil guy was a glorious time! He celebrated his first Christmas AND New Years! He crawled and then learned to pull himself up to a standing position, he also got his first 2 bottom teeth at the beginning of his 8th month and his bottom two are now growing.
He also FINALLY said MAMA and learned to wave. It was wonderful to witness it all, I am so proud of my lil man! and so proud to be his mama!

A couple more firsts

Monday, January 24, 2011
I never did post about his first Christmas!!!

It was amazing. We celebrated with family and he was passed around from loving arm to loving arm and was blessed with toys, clothes and shoes! He is one loved baby! and I love it!

101 in 1001

Ok baby is asleep...

I am one of those people who sets New Years Resolutions every year. Unfortunately, I am also one of those people who rarely completes those resolutions.

When I came across THIS project, I knew it was for me! You set realistic goals and you have a bigger timeframe to complete, since time is my nemesis, I was excited for this.

So I started my list, check it out HERE! It is not complete YET, but I like that I can keep adding to it.

Of course I'll be blogging about my accomplishments!

So do you have 101 in 1001? Any ideas on what to add to my list???

Blog Love Part Deux

Tuesday, January 18, 2011
I'm a blog addict! But I try to only follow blogs that offer helpful tips & advice that I can apply to my lifestyle. Here are some that are must-reads! Follow them & let them know I sent ya!

Mommy Chase: Great blog by a friend whose blogging about her journey being a mama & a wife and how her family is coping after losing her youngest son. She is truly amazing and you will love her as much as I do, promise!

Vanity Rich: Awesome blog with make up tutorials & product reviews. Check out her 10 min Makeover Video tutorial, great for busy moms!

I heart Organizing: Great tips on organizing & cleaning. Great downloadable templates!

eighteen25: I love this blog! I have saved in my Toolbar as  home decor inspiration!

Everyday Glimpses: Great Quotes! I stop by when I need a little pick me up at work!


Getting Organized Challenge Update: Organize Drunk Drawers

Saturday, January 15, 2011
Ok I am way behind in this challenge but I am determined to finish it...eventually...

While everyone who is participating is on day 14, I am on day 1.  Day 1's challenge was to Organize Junk Drawers!

Before Pics:

After Pics: Threw out what I don't use, wiped down and added liners.

Pay no attention to my mismatched liners. Thank you.


I'm Home Manager?

Thursday, January 13, 2011
Yes, the title has a question mark. I say this just as Ron Burgandy did in Anchorman.

As a mommy that works full time I am constantly searching for balance and I am always looking for tools & resources to help me find that balance. Between working, being mommy, being wife, sister, daughter  AND cooking, cleaning, paying bills etc.. and just finding time for myself, I feel like overwhelmed. Did I mention I also volunteer at my church and handle their administrative and financial departments. Yeah, I am stressed. Oh, and the baby still does not sleep thru the night, YAY.

One my favorite websites that I have come across in my search for how other moms get by is Simple Mom, she believes that parents are the home managers and when mom & dad are doing well the whole family thrives. Some of the steps on her blog that she suggests are:

I want to try these. I am not one for routines but now that there is a baby I know it's necessary. One of the steps I have taken to help me achieve more is changing my work hours. I work from 8-4 instead 9-5 and that has cut my commuting time in half since I am missing traffic. It feels great already!

I have also starting setting reachable goals, see my 101 in 1001 list.

My #1 goal? To create a little order in my life so I don't feel so stressed or like I am not accomplishing anything and once said order is set I can live!!!! party & bullsh*t! :)

Let's see how this goes. 

DIY Gift Ideas on a Budget

Tuesday, January 11, 2011
This past Christmas our funds were limited so while the little kids in our family got gifts, I still wanted to give something to cousins/sisters/nieces. I researched a couple DIY gifts on the blogesphere and came up with these 3 fun projects. My partner in crime Diana did the same thing and here is how they came out (Click on links for step-by-step instructions).

These two ideas came from

Oatmeal Milk Bath - Great for people with sensitive skin
 Blend until fine
Put in a pretty mason jar & done! Super Easy.

Pretty Bath Salts - **Great Valentines Day Gift***

 No blending required on this one. Just colorants! ;)
See the pink swirls - they make me smile! :)

Facial Scrub - Inspiration came from Kelle Hampton's blog but we ended up making it our own and it's pretty amazing, I have been using it myself. Won't share just yet how we made our batch but you can always try Kelle's version.

 mixing the ingredients.
ready to gift!

These were both super fun to make & with a 8 month old they were all made after he went to sleep so it was also nice to be able to chat with a friend while DIY'ing. Oh and by the way all this stuff if pretty much made out of natural ingredients! Enjoy!

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