::About ME::

Ill be frank! I'm lazy, disorganized, inconsistent and a procrastinator. I am no domestic housewife or Betty Crocker type - my house is a mess and were probably ordering pizza or eating breakfast for dinner!

I do get in my modes where I say hey time to clean up, set up a system and learn to cook for goodness sakes! So you may see some of that from time to time but I make no promises!

I am however, spontaneous and one heck of a multi tasker! When I start something I finish it! And I am passionate and dedicated to what and who I love and believe in.

In my 9-5 I work for a non profit that advocates for women's health and I dabble in membership, marketing, social media and web development. In my free time I volunteer a lot of my time to my dad's church - yes I am a pastor’s daughter!

When I'm at home all my love and attention goes to my little family. My husband J and my baby Aaron. He is the cutest baby in the whole wide world! Yes, I am bias, who isn't?!

My interests are reading, spending time with family and friends, shopping when I'm not broke, learning to cook & clean (hehe) and learning how to use my canon rebel camera.

I am not a great writer, photographer etc... But I am always trying to be better at what it is I am doing on top of constantly trying to find ways to be this domestic, Betty Crocker, Martha type wife and mom.

Enjoy some pics of my family. :)

Engagement Picture - Summer 2007

Wedding Day - May 25, 2008
Photos by Mandi White

And here is the prince we welcomed on August 27, 2010
Photos by Emily Abril

Feel Free to contact me: asilveira08 at gmail dot com
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