Monday, August 30, 2010
As you can probably see, my blog is getting a nice design upgrade! It should be up and running shortly and I will be back to posting. Let me know what you think!

Life Lessons

Tuesday, August 17, 2010
This summer has been a summer of learning and it sucks! Hehe - I was never the girl that loved going to school OK.

It seems when things go on in people's life a lot seems to go on all at once. This summer has been a whole lot of that! The most amazing thing was meeting my son (still feels weird to say that), even though nothing went as planned with the delivery, it was awesome finally seeing his little face.

Thru having him I learned that there are things you just have to learn on your own. I was just so unprepared for how unsure I would feel about EVERYTHING when it came to parenthood. I would ask myself daily "why didn't anyone tell me this!"

I also learned that sometimes people disappear when the babies come, which sucked. I was warned about that but I think that cut me more deep because of how emotional I was after the delivery, and that is another thing I wish someone told me about! hehe. How anyone can be susceptible to post-partum depression, it does not discriminate.

I also learned that as soon as you think you have figured something out BAM, disaster strikes. I guess it's just a way to keep life interesting. Also, a way to learn what you are really made of.

The worst thing of all that has happened to me though is my camera! it has broken and thus I am heartbroken! I have not been able to take daily pictures of the lil man I am obsessed with and it makes me cry! I had plans to make a book of his first year (which I am sure he'll hate one day) and not having a camera right now is ruining that! (ok, temper tantrum over).

Anyway, I did a search for camera's for clumsy people and came up with the fuji film -finepix:

But I also want a semi-pro camera because I know taking pics of the handsome man in my header is now part of my everyday life! So if a photographer happens to be reading this post, please share with me your recommendations for an affordable semi-pro to pro digital SLR camera that is easy for beginners and allow room for growth. Thank you!


Sunday, August 15, 2010
As you know I am starting cloth diapering this week. In my research on EVERYTHING cloth diapering, I have come up with a list of very helpful resources, which I will share on another post. One thing I will share now that I have come across is a diaper sprayer. As many times as I have read how awesome this is to have when cloth diapering, I think that I am now brainwashed because I MUST HAVE ONE!!!! So I was ridiculously excited when I saw this giveaway over at mynewlifeasmom.

If you are cloth diapering or interested in it, GO enter like now!!!


Friday, August 13, 2010
Now that we have a baby one of my goals is to really learn to budget and find ways to save money. I have been researching the art of using coupons (yes, it is an art to me becase it is NOT easy), and well It's time to stock up on a few things. Due to skin allergies on my little one we want to try cloth diapers, and I also need to stock up on pampers sensitive for when he is at grandma's.

Neeless to say, I was excited when I my issue of Parents magazine arrived because they had coupon codes for Diapers.com and Amazon.com!

So I got my 2 little gdiapers gpants and 6 cloth inserts for ONLY $48.09 with parents 10% off code and diapers.com has FREE shipping! If I paid origial price I would have paid $56.58.

I then researched and came accross this post from Upper Valley moms for my pampers sensitive shipment. I enrolled in Amazon's subscribe & save (which I will actually keep), and added my parents magazine code and I only paid $20.00, saving me 50% AND I also got FREE shipping. So I saved $28.49 and got FREE shipping for both my purchases.

Not bad for a newbie! I must say I'm quite proud.

15 Week Update

Wednesday, August 11, 2010
This week I went back to work. The first day was hard! But after talking to several moms who reassured me that all would be fine in the world, I just stopped stressing and realized I had to do what I had to do. So as the week goes on it's getting a little better each day. However, it's not only missing my baby that I have to adjust to but because I am still breastfeeding I have the joys of pumping at work, exciting eh? (not really!)

Aaron is now 3 months and 3 weeks old (it's crazy that this time last year I was 3 weeks pregnant with him and puking on the metro on my way home- awesome!) and is finding his voice, he likes to talk to us and is getting louder and louder, he even does a girly scream when hes angry and loves grunting, it's just hilarious. He's also learning to graps toys and of ocurse with that comes putting things in his mouth. He's such a happy baby that all he mostly does is smile, laugh and coo, and I am upset I miss this being at work!!!! (ok, so I am still having trouble being away).

Other things: We will start cloth diapering next week. I am brand spanking new to the cloth revolution but will be starting with Gdiapers, so i'll update on that later.

It is now 4:50 and I am dying to go home and snuggle with my gummy bear! Then catch up on True blood, Teen Mom and Kourtney and Khlow! Also, apparently the duggars new season started yesterday so I will try to watch that, I'd like to see how baby Josie is doing.

Going back to work

Sunday, August 1, 2010
I will cherish this week! This week is my last week home with my lil man, and then I have to head back to the office. Now I am not worried about the well being of aaron because he will be with my mom, I know I am lucky and extremely grateful! I have already started organizing his things for her, washing everything (again!) and labeling, now the hard part will be for ME to actually put things where they belong. As I was organizing, I was already creating a stack of clothes that no longer fit him!!!!! Not Fair! He is only 3 months! time is just going by too fast!

So I will cherish him! His morning smiles, his soft cheeks, his new giggles that are to die for, the way he can NOT keep his hands out of his mouth now that he's found them, the way he smells, sighs when he falls asleep on me, grunts when he gets impatient, goes nuts when its time to change his diaper, EVERYTHING!!!!!

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