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Friday, August 13, 2010
Now that we have a baby one of my goals is to really learn to budget and find ways to save money. I have been researching the art of using coupons (yes, it is an art to me becase it is NOT easy), and well It's time to stock up on a few things. Due to skin allergies on my little one we want to try cloth diapers, and I also need to stock up on pampers sensitive for when he is at grandma's.

Neeless to say, I was excited when I my issue of Parents magazine arrived because they had coupon codes for and!

So I got my 2 little gdiapers gpants and 6 cloth inserts for ONLY $48.09 with parents 10% off code and has FREE shipping! If I paid origial price I would have paid $56.58.

I then researched and came accross this post from Upper Valley moms for my pampers sensitive shipment. I enrolled in Amazon's subscribe & save (which I will actually keep), and added my parents magazine code and I only paid $20.00, saving me 50% AND I also got FREE shipping. So I saved $28.49 and got FREE shipping for both my purchases.

Not bad for a newbie! I must say I'm quite proud.

Weekend Recap & What the hell is a Budget?

Monday, May 18, 2009
This has been a stressful week! My father was hospitalized last week with some rare bug and had to get surgery but I am happy because he is recovering quickly and was released today! 

Hubby went out of town for a week and comes back on Wednesday for a nice long memorial day weekend which is also our 1 year anniversary! YAY :)

We most likely are not going anywhere since 1. the H1N1 is still out there! 2. I'm planning Hubby's 30th birthday celebration and 3. I'm trying to go see Hillsong in concert on 6/1 which means I need to budget! 

The word Budget is foreign to me, I will admit I am not good at money management but it's something I'm trying to change because we have plans and because hubby and I have been thinking about merging bank accounts. EEK!

Since I'm clueless when it comes to Money, my dear friend, themommychase, recommended I check out and let me just say AMAZING! You enter in your info and it does all the work for you! Mint tells you when you are over budget, categorizes your spending and recommends areas where you can save. Some of the areas I seem to be overspending is:
  • Grocery
  • Metro - Which I can't do anything about
  • Rent - again, i can't do anything about
  • Electricity
What sucks is that now that we want to really get serious about budgeting we also want a puppy, a new car and husband wants the palm pre. Sigh!

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