Infant Night Terrors

Sunday, December 12, 2010
being woken up at 2am by your baby's gut wrenching screams is not fun! especially when it's been happening three nights in a row. I know he's ok because I still have him in the room with us. He falls asleep on our bed and then we move him to his crib (that's in our room).

The first night it happened I cried myself, I picked him up and just help and cried with him because I didn't know what to do. This wasn't an I'm hungry or wet cry - it was an out of nowhere loud cry.

The second night, I told my husband we had to call his pediatrician like NOW, of course my husband thought I was over reacting so we decided to do some research before I woke up my whole family and drove to the hospital hehe.

looks like he's having night terrors and by picking him up and trying to sooth him we were probably frightening him even more and he is still asleep during these incidents. We just need to ride it out.

Looks like it can happen when a baby isn't getting enough sleep, my guy hates sleep and fights it whenever he can. He's also a light sleeper and will wake at the slightest noise.

The good news: He has no recollection of the episode (thank God) and we can try to stop the night terrors from happening if we rouse him a bit after he's been asleep for a couple hours. I'm trying that tonight, let's see what happens.



Cynthia said...

our toddler does that every once in a while but i've learned that if i just give her a minute (and it seems like an eternity) she will stop screaming and put herself back to sleep. for a while i was bringing her to bed with us. BAD IDEA! i was exhausted during the day.

enjoyed reading through your posts. seriously, we have SO MUCH in common. i'll be back :)

And then there was Anna... said...

Thanks Cynthis, glad i am not the only one this happens to but you are right it feels like an eternity :/

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