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One Week to a Better Me!

Monday, March 21, 2011
One of my new favorite blogs is Sometimes Sweet! she is just the cutest little thing and is a also a new mom, so I can relate to a lot of what she writes about. This week she wrote 5 goals to work on this week that will help to better herself, and invited her readers to do the same. Here are mine, feel free to join in!

Nutrition: this week I am focusing on drinking more water and cutting down on my soda intake!

Exercise: Start with walking at least 3x's this week. I gotta look good for my 30th birthday this summer!!!

Relationships: I hate being away from aaron all day during the work week, I have a comp day that I will use this week to have a mommy/son day!
I will so force myself to wake up before my husband leaves to work at least one day this week to hug & kiss him goodbye.

Creativity: This week I am going to start some of the DIY crafts for aaron's birthday party, this will help knock some things out of the way so that everything won't be last minute. I am a procrastinator, so if I can knock something out of the way this week, that will be a HUGE accomplishment!

Me-time: I am going to enjoy a nice LONG bath!! baths are rare these days!!! Can't wait!!!
Your Turn! :)

I've added one to make the list 6:

Blog: Blog about my 5 goals! lol

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