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Monday, August 17, 2009
This weekend I went by sephora twice! I stopped by on Saturday to see their Sephora by Opi Nail Color collection and just had to go back on Sunday for more! These are my favorite colors so far - Oh and check out the names - LOVE IT!:

High Maintenance

Domestic Goddess

Also got Ocean Love Potion & Blue Grotto and something else that has been just lovely!

Nail Polish Corrector Pen


Daily Hand Moisturizer to go.

I also got three lipglosses for free as my birthday gift from Sephora! :) Great Weekend! Ahhh the simplest things make me happy!

The Secret to my relationship is....

Thursday, August 13, 2009
Inspired by this post on in which they asked readers to post in 5 words or less the secrets to their relationship. My response:

I lose my Keys and He finds them! (More than 5 words, I know!)

I thought I would add to this list on my blog

Play wrestling
Making him a big juicy steak every once in while
Helping him the get the new Jordan pack coming out
Rush in Toys R Us and bogart to get him the latest "collectible"
Him going to see Chick Flicks with me
Him making me bubbles baths
Him killing ugly bugs
I love you's like 20 freaking million times a day!

This list can go on and on ....


New Moon Trailer

Yes, I am another one that has been sucked into this phenomenon - I can’t help it, I read the books and thought it was great! Anyway, I came across this preview for the second trailer of New Moon! Can’t wait!



Free Signature Generator

Free Signature Generator

Before I married him I never....

Friday, August 7, 2009
made my bed!

Sorry but it makes no sense to me! You're just going to get back in it in a couple hours. Sigh.
This is a battle my mom always lost with me! But now that I married HIM, I find myself making the bed cause I know he grew up making his bed everyday! Is this what love has done to me!!!
Not only do I find myself making the bed everyday but I find myself wanting to buy new bed sets and pillows to make the bed look "cute", "warm" and "inviting". UGH!!!
I don't know what happened to me!

Nonetheless, I want!
(from Home Goods)

Bedroom Makeovers on a Budget

Monday, July 13, 2009
Though not my style I do love their curtian rod headboard idea and the lamps, though the lamps is a messy project. Enjoy!

Cleaning Tip: Make a Cleaning Schedule

I love google! In my quest to organize my life, I came across the following Cleaning Schedule that I am implementing in my daily routines and I thought I'd share :) - Enjoy!
This is taken straight from Maxwell's Eight-Step Home Cure:

Daily Schedule:Make Bed.
Wash dishes.
Put clothes away.
Sort mail.
Clear answering machine.
Clean all kitchen surfaces
Take out full garbage.

Weekly Schedule:
Clear all surfaces (put odds and ends away).
Wash clothing, take in dry cleaning.
Take out recycling.
Change sheets.
Water plants.
Clean bathroom and kitchen.
Quick-vacuum all floors.

Monthly Schedule:Vacuum, sweep, or mop all floors.
Flip mattresses.
Clear out refrigerator.

Every Three Months:
Wash windows.
Declutter refrigerator, front door, bulletin board, etc. Every Six Months:

*Spring cleaning (April or May)
*Fall Cleaning (October) * Perform deep treatment on your home: clean and declutter, change seasonal clothing, clean out drawers, closets, under-sink storage, purge clothing, extra CDs, DVDs, books, and furniture.


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