Spring Cleaning: Bedroom

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Spring Cleaning has started in our house today as we make room for baby who is due May 1st!!

We started with our bedroom and den and here's is what I tackled today.

1. Washed all comforters & sheets.

2. I purchased a new comforter set to welcome spring :) and bought a few Febreze Closet Renewables under bed storage containers to store comforters and sheets we're not using.

3. Went to the container store and bought several sizes of their multi-boxes plastic storage boxes, they are reasonably priced and I used them to store our winter clothes and set a aside a couple to store maternity clothes when I am done with them.

4. I also got rid of a lot clothes, shoes and accessories that I plan to donate.

5. Then I dusted, wiped and vacuumed.

There are several useful checklists online, my favorite I came across is from Martha Stewart.

I have to give credit to my hubby, who did the majority of the work since he wanted me rested :) - I can really get used to this! :)

Next, we'll tackle Living Room, Kitchen and Bathroom.

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