Monday, September 20, 2010
Aaron will be 5 months old this week and he has officially started teething. He has all the symptoms:
Drooling – the boy goes thru 6-7 bibs a day!
Coughing – he drools so much and accumulates so much saliva that he starts coughing to try and clear his throat. Of course, that causes us to get a couple looks from strangers when we’re out & about. Grrr.
Ear Pulling – I know he is really getting irritated when he starts grabbing at his little ears, and I know it’s not an ear infection.
Sleep pattern is all disrupted – the boy has gone back to waking up every 2 hours as if he’s a newborn!!!
More symptoms here.

I did end up giving him an infant pain reliever one night but I don’t plan to anymore, I don’t want to drug him up for something as natural as teething. I was told not to use baby orajel because it takes longer for the tooth to actually break through - don't know if this is true or not, has anyone else heard this?
I did some research on teething products and went to babies r us and went broke on the following toys:

Damn you Sophie the Giraffe! You set me back $20 & Aaron hates the way you taste! But you are oh sooo cute, so we will try to introduce you two again another day.
Raz-berry Silicone Teether - Aaron wasn't too impressed with you either!

Teething Beads: You seem to do the trick! Aaron gets attracted by all the colors & then your in his mouth for a good while.

And more:
Teething Links
Chill & Teethe Teether
Fish teether

And then the rest of my money went on stuff to prepare for solids. Ay! Any teethings tips out there? I could really use them as I would love to start getting some sleep again.
In other news, I ordered a Canon Rebel XS and am super excited about it!! Can't wait until it arrives.


The Favour Shoppe said...

Never heard of that about the orajel, used it on both my boys. I never did the toys...we were kinda hard on cash..froze some wet baby cloths , they worked great nice and cool on the gums. I sometimes gave baby tylenol for teething especially at night to help them sleep and not be cranky the next day (only if it was REALLY bad) Your little guy is SO cute btw! :)

And then there was Anna... said...

He loves chewing on his blankets! i am going to try the wet & freeze. Thanks so much! :)

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