A Day in the Life of a Full Time Working Mama Pt. II

Wednesday, June 22, 2011
So yesterday I posted about what our weekday's look like, but I lied! I wish it went that smooth!!
My morning today went like this:

6:45: I wake up
6:50: Aaron wakes up
7:00: I leave Aaron on his chair while I go take a quick shower
7:05: Aaron sees the bathroom door open and gets excited, he comes in & starts dumping all his toys in the bath tub while I'm in the shower!
7:15: I don't have time to get his toys out of the shower, so I just go get ready.
7:55: Managed to get myself AAANND Aaron dressed! I get his diaper bag ready!
8:00: I try to leave the House but Thomas comes on and Aaron screams that I dared take Thomas away.
8:05: Turn the TV off and head out the door, get stuck in traffic. lovely. Drop Aaron of @ my mom's.
8:40: Arrive at metro station:
9:30: arrive to work, 30 minutes late. bahumbug!

I don't even remember if I turned out all the lights in my apartment when I left this morning! lol

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