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Media Mondays: Media & our Walk with God

Monday, July 11, 2011
I decided to participate in Women Living Well's series on how Media is affecting our lives. I love this blog; a lot of the posts that Courtney writes about really challenge me and are a great inspiration. When I saw this series I had to participate because this is something that I feel can be a struggle in many areas of my life.

The first topic is Media & Our Walk with GOD.

One area of my life that needs to be worked on is my dependency on God. While the media (TV, Internet, android phone, ipad, etc...) isn't to blame for why I am not Dependent on God, is one thing that is distracting me from setting time away from the everyday tasks and talk with God.

But it's not only my walk with God that is affected, other areas of my life as well such as work & home. I find that if I am having a slow day at the office, I tend to wander to social media outlets, I go to blogs & Facebook to pass time instead of being productive & maybe finding a new project to work on. It also takes away from time with my family when I am home - but that is something I'll go more in depths to later. The same is my walk with God.
  • Instead of praying and reading the word I check my emails and Google.
  • Instead of asking God for direction, I look for solutions online.
  • Instead of asking God for inspiration, I turn to Google.
But I am now conscience of this! I intend to change this! I intend to not let today's technology take away my dependence from God. I found a verse in John 15:5:
"apart from me you can do nothing."
What do I intend to do about it?
  1. I am going to make a point to pray & read the bible every morning before checking my emails.
  2. After I had aaron, I purchased the New Mom's Prayer Bible, I plan to read through it's devotionals.
  3. I also plan to participate more in the bible study group I belong to: Women of the Word.
I intend to post my progress so I can be accountable.

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Women of the Word Online Bible Study Group

Wednesday, June 1, 2011
Good Morning!! Hope the long weekend was relaxing for all. I wanted to pop in and tell you all about an online bible study a friend & I started recently called Women of the Word.

We are both Full time working mama's and lead busy lives starting our careers and taking care of our homes, we realized with so much going on we really haven't put God first in our lives and decided to be each other's support system. We also knew there were ladies out there just like us, that get caught up with daily routines that sometimes the most important things are forgotten, so we invited our friends and the group is growing. If you'd like to join, let me know we'd love to have you!

We are kicking off the month of June with the Book of Proverbs, today's reading is Proverbs 1.
Hope to see a couple of you join us!


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