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Friday, May 8, 2009
I just came across a lovely post on on How to be Happy & Married and they posted 24 tips that I thought I'd share: (I summarized, click on link for detailed tips)

1. Talk. Take time to talk everyday.
2. Don’t expect your spouse to be a mind reader.
3. Forget the type of compromise that means thinking of yourself in favor of finding solutions that work for you as a couple.
4. Let her have her way (or his way) sometimes. (I am sending this one to Mr. as we speak!)5. Go to weddings where you’ll likely be reminded of promises you made.
6. Be your spouse’s advocate. There are times when you may need to protect or defend your husband or wife.
7. Never go to bed mad.
8. Make reasonable requests but don’t pressure or make unreasonable demands.
9. Don’t compete with each other.
10. Play outside. I like to go hiking or swing (at playgrounds). Just because you’re married now doesn’t mean you always have to act like a grown-up.
11. Give something up, if necessary, to reach a mutual goal…s
12. Celebrate.
13. Laugh.
14. Indulge.
15. Take care of your kids but don’t put them first in everything you do.
16. Learn to love your extended family.
17. Be flexible.
18. Talk about problems with your spouse or a counselor, rather than your best friend or someone who may tend to see just your perspective and may not encourage you to talk things over with your beloved.
19. Don’t depend on your spouse for everything.
20. Encourage your spouse to develop her or his talents, and do the things he or she enjoys.
21. Go on dates.
22. Keep learning about each other and the world.
23. Be loyal and faithful.
24. Believe. To me, promising that you’ll stay married to someone forever, whether you were childhood sweethearts or dated for a few months (and neither is a guarantee of marriage longevity or brevity) is an act of faith.

I will say that #9 is an issue for me and the Mr. - we joke a lot that there's a power struggle in our marriage because neither of us like to be told anything and like to always be right.
One thing i'll add that my big sister told me and I keep in my mental rolodex is to pick my battles with the hubby! I'll also add Prayer and Putting God first not only in your marriage but your life.

Any tips of your own? Share with this newlywed :)


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Melissa Rich said...

Great tips for any relationship. I am no where close to marriage, but I will keep these in mind, lol

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