Organizing My Home

Thursday, May 7, 2009
or-gan-ize [awr-guh-nahyz] verb, -ized, -iz-ing.
1. to systematize
2. to give organic structure or character to: to organize the elements of a composition.
3. Informal. to put (oneself) in a state of mental competence to perform a task: We can't have any slip-ups, so you'd better get organized.
4. Another Skill I Lack!
I desperately need to organize! We moved into our apartment last august and because of our work schedules we have neglected our apartment! My goal this spring/summer: Organize & Decorate!

My priorities right now are my coffee table, side table, Bookshelves (that is currently housing DVD collection, laundry room, and bathroom.

WARNING: These pictures are graphic in nature and may shock you but don’t judge! Lol

Coffee Table in Living Room

Bathroom Closet

End Table in Living Room

I'll be back with my progress. Any advice or tips? SHARE!


The Mommy Chase said...

Mirror image of my house. If only we could afford housekeepers....

Melissa Rich said...

Anna, judging from the pics, your place is not that bad. I’ve seen worst, trust me, you should see my room, but at least you have notice the problem, before it gets totally out of hand. I know the last thing you want to do after work is come home and clean up. Good luck on your goal!

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