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Monday, June 15, 2009
New favorite show on TLC: The Little Couple - It's funny to see the things he gets annoyed at cause my husband is the same!

Is everyone having sextuplets?

I need HBO – What is this True Blood everyone is talking about?

Husband’s 30th is coming up - Can’t Wait!

Just got a MacBook Pro a couple weeks ago & I am in LOVE! I am discovering new applications and am just oooing and ahhhing.

And I am happy to see Benjamin Bratt back on TV on the cleaner – the show is ok but he is hot!

I was surprised I cared about:

Kendra from Girls Next Door being pregnant. I am a Eagles fan but never heard of her Fiance - oops!

Duggars: Josh & Anna are expecting too!


Making a cleaning schedule because my life is chaos and so is my apartment

And Etsy for home d├ęcor - uh YES! I’ll be posting my cute home finds soon.

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