Like Father, Like Son

Monday, February 7, 2011
My husband is a shoe collector! what is that?

Well he has over 200 pairs of mostly Nike Shoes: Jordan's, Lebron's, etc....
He has been starting a little collection for the little guy too and even though this habit annoys me sometimes, it is sooo cute to see their shoes together!


By the way I took that pic!!! on semi-manual mode!!! Manual Focus Baby!!! I am getting better at using my camera. I had the blinds all the way open to bring the sun in and that just made it easy! so note to self, let in all light for great pics!


Jessica D Torres said...

I think their shoe collection is going to cost you a lot of money but it is cute to see the two pairs of shoes together.

Sandra said...

Oh my goodness, nice shoes! And yes, the little baby ones next to his daddy's are adorable!

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