Stress = Mess

Monday, April 25, 2011
I have not updated my blog in a while. I have had a lot on my mind.

When things do not go as planned I feel like the walls around me start caving in. When one area of my life isn't going as I want it to go, then it starts to affect other areas of my life. STRESS.

Our lease is coming to an end in our apartment.
our first home.
but now we have a baby AND we want another child,
we need more space,
we want a house.
The process is not going as planned.

With the home buying process not going as planned it has just opened a can of worms. We are not where we want to be with our housing situation, we are not where we want to be with our financial situation, we are not where we want to be as parents (we wish we could spend more time with our little guy), and we are not where we want to be in our marriage. Sleep deprivation leads to mean words coming out of our both our mouths. Oh Aaron, please continue to sleep through the night. Last night was the 3rd night in a row he has, that means we're on to something, right?

One of my favorite blogger is Katie Bower, a while ago she recommended a book called  One Thousand Gifts by Ann Vosokamp. Last night in bed, I ordered it on my kindle app. I felt my life was a mess. I kept thinking that I need to be able to breathe. I know our "problems" compared to others are minuscule, but they are still stressing me out. I know we are extremely blessed, we have a roof over our heads, and food on our table so why am I letting these things affect me so much?

I am on Chapter 4 of One Thousand Gifts, and I can already tell, it will help me change my outlook on things. The book points out a verse in Psalm:

"We are merely moving shadows, and all our busy rushing ends in nothings" Psalm 39:6

I need to relax. Enjoy life more. Enjoy my Family. Get closer to God. Quit worrying and rushing cause it's a waste of MY time, it ends in nothing!!!

The book has already reminded me to be thankful because I have so much to be thankful for!

Please keep us in your prayers, that if things are God's will that they will work in his favor in his time for my family, and that we ALWAYS remember to be grateful FIRST.

Here is another excerpt from the the book that struck me:

"On every level of life, from housework to heights of prayer, in all judgement and efforts to get things done, hurry and impatience are sure marks of the amateur."

My favorite, is her reference to Genesis 28:16:

"Surely the LORD is in this place, and I was not aware of it!"  Genesis 28:16

DUH!!!! I feel so ungrateful! Time to pray.


La Cabrona said...

Hey! Keep your heard up && I will keep you in my prayers! I know we are in the same boat, saving up for a house, trying to file my bfs bankruptcy before so we can get a loan, and the thought of another baby is around the corner, mostly because we want our son to have a sibling the way we had and now is a good time to slowly transition toward that--good luck!

Tiffany said...

Stay strong! The home buying process is something else. I had the worst headaches of my life during the whole process. But if it's for you, you will get it in due time :)

And then there was Anna... said...

Thanks for the words of encouragement ladies!! helps a lot! :)

Legal Grindin(g) Wifey said...

I totally sympathize with you. Being slowed down in the home buying process is not necessarily a bad thing. See my post Its a buyers market so take your time. And btw I am so drawn to your blog. I do keep a clean but messy house I like to say I prefer a house that looks lived in. hehehe I think I found you from a blog roll. Happy to be a new follower.

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