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Tuesday, November 16, 2010
I love being a new mom and I love finding great resources, products etc.. that will help make my life easier, I mean why reinvent the wheel right? that being said, I quickly bookmarked this site when I stumbled aross it a couple weeks ago: http://mommytomommy.tv/ - This week they posted a new video called: 

What's Hot for Mom's & Dad's We Like to Follow. Check it out!

Gotta Have It: What's Hot for Mom! from Kimberley Blaine on Vimeo.

My favorite things from this segment are the Babba Car Seat Covers and the Start Cooking Website, they get down to the basics of cooking and have videos! I can't cook so I know I will be spending hours on that site. And those car seat covers are freaking adorable!

What's  your favorite item or website/blog in the video? 

Must Read Blogs & Tweet Peeps to Follow

Friday, November 12, 2010
I am one tired mama. I have a 6 month old who thinks sleep is the devil! So there is nothing to update in my life other than I’m literally a walking zombie right now – speaking of which, has anyone caught that new show The Walking Dead on A&E? It’s pretty good, and this is coming from someone who hates zombies, they give me nightmares. The show originates from a comic series and my husband is an avid comic book reader so he put me on to the show – I love how it is more about the people’s lives, and how they are coping rather than people being eaten all the time!
Anyway – I follow some great blogs and I though I would share some of their posts that have gotten me thru this long week (These blogs are mommy, home décor, social media & photography related):

Busy Mom Tips: 20 Hot toys for Christmas

Betty Crocker Wannabe: Christmas décor Inspiration  and be sure to check out her awesome free pintables!

Sometimes Sweet: Delicious Baked Ziti Recipe  - I love her pics & personality

Full of Great Ideas: Ballard Inspired Burlap Covered Vase

Nesting with Naill: Mommy’s deep dark confessions

Not Just Baby Talk --- I am a new follower

Small Space Style

Vanity Rich – Great Make up tips & tutorials!

Kevin & Amanda

Money Saving Mom


3 really cute mommy photography blogs:




and who doesn’t read Bower Power, Young House Love, Kelle Hampton and A Cup of Jo.

Are you a Latina? And on Twitter? Follow these people!









Got any blogs you love to read? share them please.

Enjoy and let them know how you found out about them! :)

My REAL Tips for a Better Marriage - Post baby

Wednesday, November 10, 2010
My girlfriend Diana emailed me a link to these great marriage tips and asked me if they were true, and yeah they are but come on, add a baby and real life to the mix, sometimes you just need some REAL tips! Here are mine:

1. If you feel like yelling & cussing him out, do it! It’s better to get it all out and move on then hold in it and have a grudge later. I know yelling isn't always best but hey that's how I deal!

2. Don’t compete. It’s easy to get caught up in, "I did the dishes 3 times this week" or "I stay up with the baby more than you", try not to do that, it will just cause an unnecessary fight.

3. Be real & be you 100% of the time. It isn’t about pleasing people all the time anymore, you need to be happy first!

4. The husband needs to learn how to cook & make a couple meals occasionally. I love when my hubby treats me to a homemade breakfast! Same goes for cleaning.

5. Chocolate. I like chocolate. Get us Chocolate!

We have only been married 2.5 years and have a 6 month old so I am sure I will be adding to this list, but this is what has helped us so far.

Got any tips that have helped you? Share!!!! I’ll compile & re-post.

November Blog Hop

Tuesday, November 9, 2010
I have been learning so much about social media the past couple months in trying to promote my blog & getting involved in my job's social media projects. I want to share all of that with you, so I'll start with the following tip.

Participate in blog hops, meme's & linkys.

I am now participating in my first Blog Hop, if you'd want to join, LINK UP!

Weekend Recap

Monday, November 8, 2010
Aaron spent the night with his grandmother sat night. At first I was bitter and sad that I have to share my baby and for the first hour we spent the whole time talking about our little guy and wondering what he would be doing if he was home at the moment.

Then we got over it! And were so excited we didn’t know what to do with ourselves!

So what did I do – SLEEP!!! Then I made myself a rootbeer float while catching up on episodes of the office and glee!! It was awesome!


Then I realized I was slacking on my project 365 and went to a nearby lake and walked a good 2 miles and snapped away – got to take pics and get exercise in, it was great!

I am hoping this week flies by because I hope to take the little man to the park on saturday and snap pictures of him while I practice using the AV & TV mode on my canon. I found this tutorial and used what I learned on Sunday so I am excited to practice with my boy!

Homemade Baby Food: Butternut Squash

Wednesday, November 3, 2010
My first attempt at homemade baby food was super succesful!
Now that Aaron is 6 months old it is time for solids! YAY.

I kept it simple and choose butternut squash. It was super easy & I have told ya'll before that I am super lazy so if it aint easy, I aint doing it!

Here's how I did it:

All you need is 1 butternut squash & a tiny amount of unsalted butter.

1. Wash & Peel
2. Cut up the squash into pieces.

3. Boil it

4. Puree it
My blender has a puree option so that is what I used, no need to go buy extra supplies.
I added a little butter and a little water to help get the consistency where I wanted it.

5. Store!

I got these super cute containers from babies r us, they are made by Annabel Karmel. They are cute, cheap and get the job done. I packed some for aaron to take to grandma's and froze the rest.

THAT'S IT!!! Literally took 15 minutes and I was done! 

Cloth Diaper Newbie

Tuesday, November 2, 2010
So I am new to cloth diapering and my reason for going this route may be a little different than others. I know most people go cloth because it’s green or because it’s a great way to save money. I went this route because Aaron has a sensitive tushy, pampers & huggies were both giving him rashes and I couldn’t stand to see his little butt irritated.

Once I got into cloth diapering however, I can definitely see the other benefits and now that Aaron’s skin isn’t as sensitive anymore, those reasons are why I am considering staying cloth.

Here is what my experience has been so far:

At the moment, I cloth diaper Part Time while I try to convince my mom, who watches Aaron while I’m at work, that it’s easy & not messy at all. While he is at my mom's Aaron uses Huggies Pure & Natural, which I honestly do not have any complaints about now that his skin is tougher. No rashes & No Leaks and I really love Huggie's Every Little Bottom Program!

Again, I am a newbie and still learning the in’s & out’s of cloth diapering, I never planned on going cloth and knew NOTHING about it, so if there are any pros reading this I would appreciate any feedback you have.

So far, we have tried Gdiapers & Fuzzibunz.

Gdiapers is the very first cloth diaper I tried. I chose them first because I read that it was a hybrid diaper, so there’s a choice between a cloth insert or flushable inserts. I figured if it got really out of hand (I don’t know what I was expecting) I could go the flushable route and not have wasted my money. I also really liked the idea of a snap in liner and that you can reuse the cover and just insert a new cloth - super easy! And I need super easy because I am super lazy!

I have been using the ginserts and I noticed that when it get’s wet it scrunches up on the sides and then the liner gets wet –I am wondering if that is supposed to happen? It hasn’t been a big deal, the cover hasn’t gotten wet so that’s good. I have seen on a couple YouTube video other mom’s using different inserts but I haven’t tried that yet and don’t know which ones to try.

I had been dyiing to try Fuzzibunz because in doing more research online I read that people had great experiences with them, so I was super excited when I went to conference for work and scored one for free!!! They are super cute and super soft, which I loved.

My first thought when putting it on him was that is was a little bulky and I really don’t like too much bulk – I feel like that might to limit his wardrobe. I also didn’t really like the pocket insert, maybe because I was already used to using gdiapers. Another reason I was to try them was because their insert was nice & thick but it felt a little damp when Aaron was wet – again, I am newbie, and wondering if that is supposed to happen?
I want to try one more so I recently purchased a bestbottom diaper, I am waiting for it in the mail. I check my emails every second to see if it has shipped. I know understand the obsession with cloth diapers!
Overall, so far, I really like gDiapers and I am currently building a stash. And here is his royal cuteness in his gdiaper!

When it comes to washing, that has been fine but I haven’t had the courage to cloth when we travel or go out for a couple hours yet – I first need to tackle getting the grandparents on board! AY!

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