Weekend Recap

Monday, November 8, 2010
Aaron spent the night with his grandmother sat night. At first I was bitter and sad that I have to share my baby and for the first hour we spent the whole time talking about our little guy and wondering what he would be doing if he was home at the moment.

Then we got over it! And were so excited we didn’t know what to do with ourselves!

So what did I do – SLEEP!!! Then I made myself a rootbeer float while catching up on episodes of the office and glee!! It was awesome!


Then I realized I was slacking on my project 365 and went to a nearby lake and walked a good 2 miles and snapped away – got to take pics and get exercise in, it was great!

I am hoping this week flies by because I hope to take the little man to the park on saturday and snap pictures of him while I practice using the AV & TV mode on my canon. I found this tutorial and used what I learned on Sunday so I am excited to practice with my boy!

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