Cleaning Tip: Make a Cleaning Schedule Part. 2

Tuesday, November 30, 2010
I first blogged about needing a cleaning schedule back in July of '09 and I posted a really good one that I found from the Eight-Step Home Cure. You can see that post here.

It was great but I admit I didn't follow it! but things are different now. With a baby in the house, I have to stay on top of my cleaning routines. So I went back to my friend, google, to search for a full-time-working-mommy friendly routine. My recent search guided me to two great blogs listed below:

Based on their tips & suggestions, I updated the schedule posted back in '09 to the one below:

Daily Schedule:
Make Bed. Who am I kidding? I want to, I really do but I know I won’t do it.
Put dishes in dishwasher
Wash aaron’s bottles
5 minutes pick up in bedroom & living room.
Sort mail.
Clean all kitchen surfaces
Take out full garbage.
Take trash out of car

Weekly Schedule:
Clear all surfaces including microwave (put odds and ends away).
Dust – TV, bookshelves, picture frames.
Wash clothing, take in dry cleaning. – TWICE WEEKLY
Change sheets.
Clean bathroom and kitchen.
Vacuum interior of car

Monthly Schedule:
Vacuum, sweep, or mop all floors.
Clean bathtub – it’s probably nasty to wait a whole month but I am being realistic with my time.
Clear out refrigerator.

Every Three Months:
Flip mattresses.
Dust celing fans
Clean Stove top burners & oven
Vacuum mattresses & Sofa
Wipe down baseboards (you know the end of your walls)

Every Six Months:
Declutter refrigerator, pantry, entry way, mail, bulletin board, etc.
Clean out cabinets & drawers. Donate and/or sell what I no longer use.
Clean Curtains & shower curtains.
Steam Clean carpets

*Spring cleaning (April or May)
*Fall Cleaning (October) * Perform deep treatment on your home: clean and declutter, change seasonal clothing, clean out drawers, closets, under-sink storage, purge clothing, extra CDs, DVDs, books, and furniture.

Have a cleaning schedule you'd like to share? or am I missing something you'd like to suggest?


La Shameless said...

I envy you. Wish I could do all that. Do you think some of us are just born that way?

La Cabrona said...

i think u have ocd like me... this is what i've done, everyday i spend an hour cleaning one area of the house real good then moving to the next room, then picking up at night. i do the kitchen everyday after dinner. not sure that is better but easier for me to remember!

Grace Matthews said...

WOW you are focused. I do not have enough energy

Fellow Blog Hopper:)

Mariah said...

following via the hop. HOpe you'll follow me back!

If you have a FB page leave a link in a comment on my blog and I'll follow that too.

BabyDealsDujour said...

Following you from BabyDealsDujour, we list all the baby daily deals in real-time. Love to see you on Facebook and Twitter too.

Kristin said...

Great tips! I'm in desperate need of some kind of schedule. Right now I pick up every day but don't clean unless we have people coming over.

Liz said...

Great list! I have a list but it would probably help if I was better at sticking to it!

Stopping by from Hop Along Friday. I’m your newest follower. I also wanted to invite you to join our blog hop, Feed Me Friday. Hope you’ll stop by. Thanks!

The Pilot's Wife said...

Happy Hop Along Friday from Anna, The Pilot's Wife at
Happy to be following you now!

Jenn at Sweet T Makes Three said...

Haha. My bed's not made either.
New follower from Hop along Friday!

Ouidad Blog said...

Ok, this is definitely a schedule I need to follow! If I put things off, I'm in trouble because I end up doing it all at once which can take days.

Great tips!

Katie for Ouidad

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