Thursday, November 18, 2010
Today is not a good day! I am sitting here taking a mental break from my work and just wondering how other mommies do it?! how did my mom do it?!

I am tired, my husband is out of town, I have a basket of laundry by my bed that I need to fold and I have been eating fast food all week.

Traffic has been nuts and has been turning my 1 hour commute into 2 hours, Aaron STILL does not sleep thru the night, but he did on Sunday for the first time ever and NEVER AGAIN.

We have several employees that have moved on from this job so I am not only doing my job but others as well and training new employees.

I need a vacation!

How do others do this everyday!? How do you do it?


Rachel said...

Hi- I ran across your blog from Bloggy Moms :) I'm so glad to find blogs of other working mothers! It is tough, I can totally relate. My daughter is 2 now, but she was a terrible sleeper. When she was about 5 or 6 months old both my husband and I were working full time and she was up multiple times a night, for weeks on end. It was awful. I actually can't even remember how we coped, because we were in such a haze all the time.

The good news is she eventually did begin to sleep through the night, and I'm sure your son will too! Hang in there and don't expect too much of yourself. Don't take on any extra projects, just focus on the essentials. Good luck! I will be sure to check back often :)

And then there was Anna... said...

Hi Rachel. Thank you so much for the comment - really helps when I know other went thru it and made it! :)

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