Mommy Review: Infantino Cloud Shopping Cart Cover

Wednesday, March 9, 2011
It's so funny how when you are pregnant, you do so much research to find the Perfect Stroller and the Perfect car seat. Then the baby arrives and you're a few months in - you hate carrying all that gear around!

Now that Aaron is attempting to walk, this boy refuses to be in any position that isn't upright. So my boy & I are loving this new Infantino Product: Infantino Cloud Shopping Cart Cover. It is also soo nice to leave the car & stroller in the car now! I just plop him in there and we go on about our business!

I love this one because its padded and covers the cart nicely, and since my guy still likes putting EVERYTHING in his mouth, this blocks him from doing that very nicely! It's also great because even though I am not as big of a clean freak as I'd like to think I am, who knows who was using those carts before you!

It can also be used at restaurants covering the high chair. Here's my little guy in it at Ihop, not a great pic (cell phone pic), but he was nice & comfy.

The one thing I was worried about was staining because of the fabric but while at Ihop this little guy managed to drop & smear eggs & bananas over it and it was easy to clean. My lazy self just took a baby wipe and voila! good as new!! This is definitely a must have and would be a great baby shower gift!

Thanks to infantino for letting us try out their new product!! We were not paid, these are my views & opinions!

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