What do 10 month old's eat?

Thursday, March 10, 2011
I dunno. But mine over here eats rice & beans!

We tried for a couple of months to give aaron baby food, but he just wouldn't eat it! He would only eat Gerber's apple, strawberry & banana and that's when the mood striked him. He loved loved Ella's kitchen but it constipated him. 

So Ped told us to just forgo the baby food and start giving him some of our food. I'm a Latina so my food is rice & beans baby, and this little guy loves it!!! We've added eggs, potatoes, oatmeal and a bunch of other fruits & veggies in the mix. Since he is doing so well on our food, I am thinking of transitions to whole milk soon. 

Has anyone transitioned their kids to whole milk before the 1 year mark?

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Jessica said...

My husband's family is Puerto Rican so we eat a lot of beans and rice. My little one loved eating it when she was younger.

Milk can be very hard on a baby's stomach so I wouldn't recommend it but I am not a doctor or anything. I would suggest you talk to your pediatrician and see what they recommend.

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